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Also available on Bandcamp in HD (96kHz, 24 Bit) now:

Praise for Newspeak:

"Goedecke [..] emerges as a fierce talent on Newspeak who bridges the divide between nostalgic anthemic rock and contemporary indie-rock charm."  - MIKE MINEO, Obscure Sound, 16th April 2018

"Max Goedecke’s ‘She’s a Good Damn Girl’ is a well-developed, eclectic composition."  - NOAH ZUCKER, ROCKTHEPIGEON, 16th May 2018

"Well, I can honestly say I’ve never heard an album like Max Goedecke’s latest album Newspeak. It has the same haunting euphoric effect as Post Punk bands such as Echo and the Bunny Men with the soaring Classic Rock riffs of the iconic 80’s acts such as Tom Petty, and Neil Young. Yet, the styling is nothing but contemporary. There’s almost infinite diversity written into each of the 10 tracks from his debut album, each of the tracks flows with its own brand of veracity, from punchy Garage Rock to rhythmically Blues Rock."  - AMELIA VANDERGAST, A&R Factory, 27th April 2018

"‘Slowly to Sink’ the second track is perhaps my favourite here at the moment and really shows off Max’s distinctive pleasantly raspy voice which here takes on a Jack White-esque lilt. There’s plenty of swirling energy in the song that takes on a real early eighties indie rock vibe and won’t let you go until its teeth are fully sunk in. It’s the kind of song you hear and know that if the artist runs with this then bigger things are just around the corner."  - MARK DIGG, The Rock Pit, 2nd June 2018

""Slowly To Sink” was a highlight which also happens to be one of the more single-worthy songs in the batch. The songs builds with intensity and has a number of notable crescendos. [...] Overall, this is a great debut. If you are a fan of some of the aforementioned genres you should like this. (3.8/5)- JAMIE FUNK, DIVIDE AND CONQUER MUSIC, 16th July 2018

"With a track this strong [Alessia Di Castellabate], one that could be an indie hit on the right playlist somewhere, Goedecke knows to runs away with it; and somehow combining elements of rock, blues, folk, country and pop into one track."  - KATE STEVENS, Indie Rock  Cafe, 10th July 2018

Newspeak is my debut LP and was internationally released by Ditto Music on the 25th of March 2018. My focus was not only on realizing the sound visions I had of a futuristic indie rock sound, but also of writing lyrics which reflect the fast-paced time we are living in: the world becomes transparent, we doubt long established certainties and are on a permanent search for self-fulfillment - all in a bubble of an artificial media world that surrounds us by day and night.


  1. She's A Good Damn Girl                       

  2. Slowly To Sink                                       

  3. Like A Child                                           

  4. Alessia Di Castellabate                         

  5. Behind The Sun                                  

  6. Meant To Be                                                       

  7. NY Evenin' Star                                      

  8. Brave New World                                 

  9. When The World Falls                     

  10. Waterworld                                             

Written, produced and arranged* by Max Goedecke

Mastered by Wolfgang Feder

Photos by Franz Goedecke

*except Meant To Be, Drums played and mixed by Philipp Eiserfey

The Quarantime Session Volume 1

During the Corona Lockdown, I've recorded 2 originals and 4 covers to my childhood heros in my living room!

Good Damn Girl - The Single Edition

My 1st shot with the belgian producer Nick Benoy!

EP Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series Vol. 1)

Praise for the Tas Phania EP :

"Oasis would have been proud. Max’s rendition of the classic rock band’s “Wonderwall” is heartwarming and just melts into your soul. It’s a soothing cover with orchestras and elegant piano bits. Keeping the cadence fresh is the singer’s touch, and boy was it a moving performance!"  - Damien Reid, Illustrate Magazine, 5th April 2023

"Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1) is a testament to Max Goedecke’s talent as a musician and songwriter. With its raw and authentic sound, the EP showcases his ability to blend genres and create music that is both familiar and original. If you’re a fan of indie rock, folk or post-punk, this EP is definitely worth checking out."  - Sarah Conway, Plastic Magazine, 5th April 2023

"This version of Wonderwall feels incredibly intimate and confidential. Some chords have been converted from major to minor giving the track a vaguely melancholic air making it more similar to a Radiohead piece or at least closer to the sound of some alternative-rock ballads. In just over twenty-five minutes Max takes us around the world with him with an incredibly pleasant and fascinating Ep to listen to when we feel the need for freedom."  - Reggio Emilia, Artisti Online, 24th May 2023

"The title track, "Two Worlds," is a bluesy psychedelic masterpiece with hauntingly beautiful lyrics."  - El News, 3rd April 2023

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